Quality from layer to layer...

Mining of Bentonite is of open cast type. Since the clay minerals is formed due to Geothermal activities it very in quality from layer to layer even in a same mine. The colour and other properties are depended upon the interference of the other metal ions present in soil. Therefore, mining of bentonite requires special attention. Regular sampling is done and various grades of materials are stored separately at the mine for the best suitable quality requirement.

After checking parameters  of the digged out clay is spread on open plot for Sun drying to reduce moisture upto desired level. After sun drying again material is checked and transported to our factory site for further processing.

Due to the interference of other mineral and metallic salts, the excavated bentonite need activation to improve its quality. At our factory site we have sufficient land to carry out activation process under strict supervision of our skilled personnel. After achieving desired level of activation and moisture the material is subjected to size reduction. We have five rolers to grind material to desired mesh size and packed according to buyers requirement.

We have fully equiped laboratory to test all required parameters laid by buyers. Right from the mines to the finished product all tests are carried out in our lab. The periodical testing while processing and grinding gives uniform quality product. Various testes give an idea of absorption capacity, gelding capacity and extent of active clay in the minerals. For example swelling capacity gives and idea of absorption, gel formation time and gel index gives an idea of absorption as well as viscosity. M.B. value gives the amount of active clay present in the mineral bentonite. Due to high gel formation capacity and viscosity bentonite is extensively used in foundry industries as well as in oil well drilling.

Plant Annual Capacity
Production Capacity 35,000 MTS
Raw Material Activation Capacity 85,000 MTS
Raw Material Storage Capacity 20,000 MTS
Finished Goods Storage Capacity 1,000 MTS